Please Read and vote so I know the wishes of the Peewee Parents

Posted by Gloria Woodcock on Oct 19 2015 at 07:36PM PDT in Season 15/16

*At the beginning of the season all parents completed and signed their wishes for travel this year. The results were as follows 4 did not want to join the NERHL League but would if the majority are, 5 are interested in only traveling 1 or 2 times, 10 are interested in traveling 3 or 4 times, with 5 wanting more than 4 trips. Two were not returned. When you work with these numbers we as a team can rotate and travel to some games and have some games at home. When I was in my last meeting with the League there are either 7 or 8 teams. This looks like 3 or 4 trips plus finals. With this roster we will build teams to travel out for league games and the roster that is built to travel out for the game is the at home roster we will use. All rosters will be built and organized as soon as possible after my meeting this weekend so parents are aware of games and travel for the rest of the season. I understand that all players want to play at home and when a team travels here everyone wants to play. However not everyone wants to travel 5 times to ensure you can play every game that will be offered as a at home game. Keeping in mind some did vote for this and if they go to every game they may play every home game. This was the commitment they were willing to make as we were planning our team. I greatly appreciate all the information that parents have given me and I have a list that I am taking to the meeting on Sunday.

Important parent vote Yes I want League games in our tournament so teams will travel here. Keeping in mind when we do this we have a roster of 26 so we run tournaments with 3 games 8 players sit out first game, 8 players sit out second game 9 players sit out third game. Why so many? Everyone sits out once but goalie ( we only have one). If we make finals we will have lines created and we will pull out the lines that practice regularly together and that will be the team for the final game. The rest of the players watch and cheer.

No I do not want League games in our tournament. Send out invitations and wait and see if anyone comes.

Votes will be tallied on Friday Oct. 23

Thanks Gloria


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